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Visit to Dimtao

“I knew I would have to go to Dimtao, walk the alleyways, see my great-grandfather’s mansion and the house where Fong Yun’s children were kidnapped. More important, I knew I had to find the people who would know the stories to go along with those places” (OGM, pageĀ 359).



Dimtao Village


Dimtao Village

Lisa and relatives have lunch in Fatsan, 1991

Lisa and relatives have lunch in Fatsan, 1991

Fong See's house in Dimtao, 1991

Fong See’s house in Dimtao, 1991

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  1. Calvin Chin

    Dear Lisa, On page 110, On Gold Mountain. My mother’s parents restaurant, Sam Yuen, was mentioned. That was the restaurant that made American style food, not See Yuen. Thank you for writing this. My sister, Carol Lee Lefkowitz, met Lisa See at the Smithsonian, at the Gene Autry exhibition in the early 2000’s. My grandfather immigrated to America, late 1890s or early 1900s from Toisan. My children, all born in America, now live and work in Singapore, Shanghai and Nanjing. I worked in Hong Kong. I was born and raised in Washington, D.C. but now I live in England. My life has had many twist and turns but I thank my lucky stars for a wonderful life. I thank Lisa for writing On Gold Mountain. If you ever visit London, I invite you to lunch or dinner in Chinatown, if you like Chinese food. [email protected]

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