“Most of the things I’ve written about here were totally unexpected. And that’s how they should be. Writers should always be surprised. Oddly enough, it wasn’t until very recently that I went back and looked at the epigraph for On Gold Mountain. I had used the following lines from Wallace Steger’s Angles of Repose: ‘Fooling around in the papers of my grandparents, especially my grandmother, left behind, I get glimpses of lives close to mine, related to mine in ways I recognize but don’t comprehend. I’d like to live in their clothes a while.’ I didn’t realize when I chose those lines that they would turn out to be so profound for me. In all my novels, including the mysteries, I’ve written about history that has been lost, forgotten, or deliberately covered up. I’ve written about how history affects individual people and their families, every day, including all of us right now. With my writing, I’ve tried to be in the room with my characters and to ‘live in their clothes a while’ ” (OGM, page 384).

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