“On June 8, 1938, China City officially opened. A reporter, observing the scene for the Los Angeles Examiner and caught up in the spirit of the day, wrote of exploding firecrackers and ‘Orientals sputtering the English equivalent of ‘whoopee.’ ‘ He went on to describe the lotus pools, temple gongs, curio stands, dance pavilions, and ‘slim Oriental girls in silk jackets and trousers pattering back and forth.’ China City pandered unabashedly to Chinese stereotypes, evoking the “exotic” atmosphere of a Chinese village. The entire one-block complex was enclosed within a miniature “Great Wall of China.” Inside, small cobblestoned alleyways were filled with leftover sets from The Good Earth. Ducks and chickens pecked the ground outside the Wang farmhouse; tourists rode in rickshaws down the “Passage of 100 Surprises” and nibbled on “Chinaburgers’ ” (OGM, pages 221-222).