We have provided helpful links to further enhance your reading experience. We have included websites that present essentials to gain a better understanding on the historical background of the book. Simply click on the image to be directed to the appropriate page.

Moon Festival

Learn more about the tradition of
the Moon Festival/Mid-Autumn
Festival, where the moon is closer to
the earth than any other time of the year.

Learn more about the history of calligraphy.

Learn more about the festivals that occur in Shanghai.
Paris of Asia

Learn more about how Shanghai
received the reputation of being the Paris of Asia.
Paper Collecting

Learn more about the story behing Pearl’s job in Shanghai as a Paper Collector.
Madame Sun Yat-set

Learn more about the life of Madame Sun Yat-set, Honorary President of the People’s Republic of China.
Bamboo Curtain

Learn more about the Bamboo Curtain, also known as the Iron Curtain.
Paper Sons

Learn more about what the Paper sons are.
Mao Zedong

Learn more about “The Great Helmsmen’s” various propaganda schemes.
Premier Chou En-Lai

Learn more about the brief history on the man who worked directly with Mao Zedong to advance and promote Communism.

Chinese Exports Commodities Fair
Click on the above Chinese Export Commodities Fair (commonly known now as the Canton Fair) logo for a brief introduction. You can also click here for the official Canton Fair website.


Red China

Learn a brief background on Red China.

Chinese Kites

Learn more about how and why kites were invented in early China.
Feet Binding

Click on the above decorative silk Chinese shoes for an in depth look at an ancient Chinese tradition no longer practiced: feet binding. Click here to read about the stories of women who had their feet bound.
China Reconstructs

Learn more about the magazine, China Reconstructs, now known as China Today, from their official website.

Learn more about the history of sampans.
Chinese Clothing

Learn more about Chinese Clothing.

Click on the cicada for a website dedicated to what they call “the most amazing insects in the world.” Click here to listen to an audio of cicadas.
Lu Shun Academy of Fine Arts

Click on the Lu Shun (now Luxun) Academy of Fine Arts picture to read an English translation of their brochure. Click here for the official Luxun Academy website.
Shanghai Beautiful Girls

Click on the poster for a brief introduction to May and Pearl’s old lives as “beautiful girls.”
“Pockmarked” Huang Jinrong

Learn more about “Pockmarked” Huang Jinrong’s past as a Chinese gangster posing as a Chinese officer.
New Marriage Law

Learn more about the law that supposedly gave more equality to women with men.
Men’s Clothing

Learn more about Men’s Clothing in New China.
Mao Suits

Learn more about the new trend in clothing known as the Mao Suits.
Women’s Clothing

Learn more about the style of clothing for women in New China.
Wades-Giles System

Learn more about the history of the Wades-Giles system.
Cantonese Dialect

Learn a little background on the Cantonese language and even learn some words!
Mandarin Dialect

Learn more about the history of the Mandarin language.
Wu Dialect

Learn about the subdivisions and about the history of the Wu Dialect.
Land Reform Law

Learn what the Land Reform Law really is.
National Day

Learn what occurs on October 1, National Day of the People’s Republic of China.
People’s Republic of China

Learn some background information on the People’s Republic of China (PRC).
People’s Red Army

Learn a little more about the military forces of China.
The Great Leap Forward

Learn more about the economic project of the Great Leap Forward.


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