Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Research Project

In groups, you will research one of the following items. Items below should reflect China’s village life in the nineteenth century.

*Three Obediences, Four Virtues, Nine Considerations, Nei and Wai, Yin and Yang
*Taiping Rebellion 1851-1864
*Role, duty, value of women (daughters, wives, mothers-in-law)
*Role, duty, value of men (sons, husbands, fathers)
*Typhoid fever
*Yao culture/Yao ethnic tribe (pre-19th c.—influences the 19th century)

*Major tenants of Buddhism (focus on three or less)

*Goddess Guanyin, Temple of Gupo

*Laotong relationship

*Marriage: arrangement, engagement, festivities, ceremony

*Marriage: dowery, bride-price, agreements—financial, etc.

*Marriage: filial piety for men and women

*Death/Funeral—ceremony, traditions, etc.

*Opium—trade, law, addiction

*Nei and Wai; Yin and Yang


*Expel Birds Festival, Catching Cool Breezes Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival

You will need to:
1) split all work (preparation and presentation) equally.
2) research your topic
3) create at least three visual aids—pictures are strongly encouraged
4) create a one page (one sided) handout that includes major points, definitions, bibliographic, etc. information from you presentation. This should allow your audience to focus on the presentation with some (though minimal) notetaking. This handout is due the class PRIOR to your presentation; otherwise YOU will need to make your own copies.

The presentation:
*ten minutes
*while the majority of your presentation will be informational, I do expect to see some analysis as well—speak to significance as well as to how it is reflected in the novel
*USE your visual aids to AID you DURING the presentation
*ALL members must speak
*use an appropriate register for this presentation—show us your confidence, enthusiasm, and knowledge through your diction, vocals and gestures.

Your group will present on ________________________________________