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Not long after Shanghai Girls came out, I got an interesting e-mail from a woman, Trish Stuebing, who asked if the seamstress referred to as Madame Garnet, who makes some of Pearl and May’s clothes in the novel, could possibly be the Eleanora Garnett (with two Ts), who was a dressmaker in Shanghai in those years, because if she were that Eleanora Garnett, then she was Trish’s mother-in-law. Yes, I wrote back, she was indeed the same Madame Garnett. And of course I apologized for inadvertently dropping the T. Trish and I then began a lively correspondence about her mother-in-law, who was a truly remarkable and inspiring woman. Trish also sent some fun photographs. Then Larry Sells put all that information together, which is below. Enjoy! Read MORE

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Lisa See's Shanghai Girls helped to shape the literary landscape of Los Angeles. Click here to view the website on the LA Literature Project. Click here to view the Shanghai Girls website started by students.

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