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As we look towards the 21st century, biracialism and biculturalism are becoming increasingly common. Skin color and place of birth are no longer reliable signifiers of one's identity or origin. Simple questions like "What are you?' and "Where are you from?" aren't answered- they are discussed.

Half & Half is a collection of personal essays by eighteen writers on the experience of being biracial and bicultural in America today. The essays are joined by a shared sense of duality and address the difficulties of not fitting in and the benefits of fitting into two worlds. In her essay, Lisa See uses her grandmother's funeral to discuss her memories of growing up in a Chinese-American family and what it means to feel Chinese when you have red hair and freckles. Other contributors include James McBride, Garrett Hongo, Indira Ganesan, Meri Nana-Ama Danquah and Julia Alvarez.

Praise for Half & Half

"These writers… are, by and large, trying to forge an identity that reconciles the basic human desire to fit in and yet remain separate, distinct, special."

New York Times Magazine

"The future is here in these fascinating looks at complicated identities. Insightful, hilarious, and often heartbreaking."

Cristina Garcia - The Aguero Sisters

"A wonderful and thought-provoking collection."

Caryl Phillips - The Nature of Blood

"Half & Half is more than the sum of its parts- it is at once somber and hilarious, irreverent and moving. These writers show us, in the alchemy of their art, how their experiences in identifying who they are make not only for cultural news but for riveting reading."

Chang-Rae Lee - Native Speaker

"Half & Half is brilliant… In the face of snowballing intolerance and social and family obstacles, the writers in Half & Half safeguard each feverish distinction in unforgettable voices."

Maria Flook - My Sister Life


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